Measuring Guide

Judicial Shop’s Custom Tailored Judge Gowns have approximately a 9 inch floor clearance. If you wish to deviate from these standards, you must specify on the order form.

The required measurements are detailed to assist you in obtaining accurate measurements. 


Record total height from top of head to floor while wearing shoes (for women, the height should include heels). Record in feet and inched – e.g. 5’8”.


List approximate weight in pounds with wearing clothes.


Take measurement over largest portion of chest. Be sure tape is well up under the arms and over the shoulder blades. Record in inches. (B)


Take measurement is subjective; indicate desired length to accommodate your needs. Suggested; leave arm naturally at side. Measure from center point at base of collar, over top of shoulder, down arm to bottom of wrist. (A) Then add one inch to this measurement.