Judge Robes

Principal Robe

This Robe is sure to make your day at the bench a lot more comfortable. It also features detailed fluting along shoulders and yoke. This type of judicial robe provides you a premium quality and comfort at the right price.

$99.95 $74.95

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Pontiff Robe

At Judicial Shop we are proud to be able to offer you this style of judge robe. It is our number one seller and for good reason. It is made of high quality satin feeling marshal fabric and is made with hand fluting in key areas.

$129.95 $94.95

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Magisterial Robe

This robe is custom tailored and features hand fluting, classic yoke, fully lined sleeves, cuffs with buttons, embroidered personal initials, pocket slits, offset zipper and Lyric fabric. And it all at the right price.

$359.95 $299.95

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Juristic Robe

The Juristic Judge Robe stands out as the most elite in terms of style. It features decorative shoulder braids, draped yoke, cuffs with buttons, hand fluting, fully lined sleeves and a whole lot more.

$569.95 $499.95

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Judge Acessories

Robe Garment Bag

Our extra-long judicial robe garment bag will accommodate all styles of the judge robes we sell online. This cloth made garment bag is a great way to protect your robe form getting dirty as well as giving you an easy way to carry your bag around.

$25.95 $15.95

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