Principal Robe

This Robe is sure to make your day at the bench a lot more comfortable. It also features detailed fluting along shoulders and yoke. This type of judicial robe provides you a premium quality and comfort at the right price.

$99.95 $86.95

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Pontiff Robe

At Judicial Shop we are proud to be able to offer you this style of judge robe. It is our number one seller and for good reason. It is made of high quality satin feeling marshal fabric and is made with hand fluting in key areas.

$129.95 $109.95

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Magisterial Robe

This robe is custom tailored and features hand fluting, classic yoke, fully lined sleeves, cuffs with buttons, embroidered personal initials, pocket slits, offset zipper and Lyric fabric. And it all at the right price.

$359.95 $299.95

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Juristic Robe

The Juristic Judge Robe stands out as the most elite in terms of style. It features decorative shoulder braids, draped yoke, cuffs with buttons, hand fluting, fully lined sleeves and a whole lot more.

$569.95 $499.95

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Judges Gowns and Judicial Robes

Effortlessly exude an air of prestige and distinction when you choose from our superb collection of stylish judicial robes. These high quality robes come in various price ranges certain suit your budget. Masterfully crafted using top quality materials and features.

To make sure you get the perfect judicial robe each time, Judicial Shop allows you to order based on your sleeve length, chest size and height. To help make sure your robe stays in impeccable shape, you have the option of adding a contour hanger and garment bag to your order as well. Our goal is to ensure you look your best every time you’re on that bench. And to this end, we’ve committed to ensuring total satisfaction by providing only the best quality judicial robes at the most reasonable prices. Our friendly and helpful Customer Support Staff is always available to help you with all your needs, giving you the total customer experience that will keep you coming back. For the distinguished professional who demands nothing but the best judicial robes, Judicial Shop is the only place for you.

Judicial Shop is the preferred supplier of stylish, quality judge’s gowns. Here, there are no minimum orders and we ship directly anywhere in the world you may be. For rush orders, we offer rush delivery to make sure your robes get to you on time at no extra fee. Not all judicial robes are created equal. That being said, different tastes and different needs require different solutions. Choose the one which best suits you from among our outstanding collection featuring the Principal, Pontiff, Magisterial and Juristic judges gowns. Whatever your judicial robe requirements may be, shop only at Judicial Shop, the most trusted name in judge’s gowns, judicial robes and other related apparel.