The Recent Supreme Court Ruling and the 2014 Midterm Elections


Today’s Supreme Court ruling has gained prominence among citizens. And it is important in a sense that it plays a vital role in the 2014 elections. The upcoming elections might be the most memorable due to the present Supreme Court decision which has been ruled as of late. How will this affect citizens? We look […]

Phone Privacy: A Reassertion in Court


Recently, the ruling on cellphone privacy was reasserted, and owners and users praised the decision. Many believe that this would secure users and their rights. Of course, one should always respect private conversations of individuals and the court ruling is in support of that. It is important therefore to discuss the matter on such. Below […]

Judicial Misconduct: Judges Gone Wild


There have been outrageous cases of misbehavior within the legal community. But you can’t expect judges to behave that way, can you? Well, you couldn’t be more wrong! There have been numerous cases of judicial misconduct throughout history. And below are a few examples of judges behaving badly.   1.       Judge Kimberly Brown Facing possible […]