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Americans Uninterested in Supreme Court Campaign Finance Ruling


According to reports, only 13% of Americans were interested with the Supreme Court issue at hand—the high court’s ruling on campaign finance. Only about 49% followed the story, but not closely. So what exactly could be the reasons why? During the week the ruling was being discussed, several issues vied for international media attention, which […]

Use a Finger Mnemonic to Teach the Bill of Rights


Perhaps you’re helping your child with civics homework. Perhaps you have a stubborn kinesthetic learner studying for an exam. Perhaps you’re concerned about a friend who’s planning a protest. Or perhaps you just have a hard time getting your family interested in anything law-related, even when it involves them. Whatever the reason, you know it […]

Five Fascinating Traditions Religiously Observed in the US Supreme Court


If you take a video of yourself with some friends while checking out tourist attractions in town, and you post the video online, it might go viral. But it surely won’t grab headlines across the country. Unless you’re someone going by the name of Noah Newkirk. And the video is taken inside the US Supreme Court […]

The Four Law Schools That Produced the Most Supreme Court Justices


The Constitution does not require federal judges to have a law education. The same thing is true for justices appointed to the nation’s highest court. However, the degree of difficulty of law questions being resolved in the Supreme Court—from constitutional, to administrative, to admiralty—prompts would-be SC justices to have a solid legal education. Going to […]