Supreme Court Justice Profile: Clarence Thomas


Last month’s post had us focus on Justice Anthony M. Kennedy. For this month, we’re again going to move forward with the series, this time, setting our eyes on another colleague of his, Justice Clarence Thomas. As someone who emphasizes the textualist approach of the Constitution by looking into its original meaning, Justice Thomas is […]

Skirmishing On Obama’s Teaching Legacy


The outrage about this new charter high school offer in The Big Apple seems to be a small compelled, no? It is uncertain how directing through the statistically properly-noted racial disparities in academic final results is racist – quite the opposite one could relatively believe that a system that perpetuates that is certainly at the […]

Supreme Court Justice Profile: Anthony M. Kennedy


Last month’s post was about Justice Stephen Breyer, an expert at constitutional law and other related fields. Moving on, we’ll now focus on Anthony M. Kennedy, who has served the Supreme Court for decades now. He’s been known to be the swing vote of the court. Here are a few facts about Justice Anthony M. […]

How Justices Wear and Style Their Judge Robes


Judges don’t simply choose whatever robes hastily. In fact, they can be rather picky with what they wear, even when they adhere to a certain standard. Although judge robes are rather traditional when it comes to appearance—having been used for centuries now—there are also some preferences when it comes to how the robes look per […]

Supreme Court Justice Profile: Stephen Breyer


As we’re done talking about the life and works of Justice Antonin Scalia, we then move on to another colleague of his, Associate Justice Stephen Breyer, an unmatched expert in constitutional law. His pragmatic approach to the constitution earned him a place among some of the most benevolent judges in the U.S. Here are some fast […]

Supreme Court Justice Profile: Antonin Scalia


Previously in the series, we focused on Justice Samuel Alito, who’s lived a fascinating life up to being elected as Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. To continue, we’ll now move on and set our eyes on a teammate of his, namely Justice Antonin Scalia. As a child of Sicilian immigrants, he’s considered the […]